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Joseph Anthelme Sève, alias Suleiman Pasha, in later life.

Soliman Pasha al-Faransawi ("Süleyman Pasha the French"), born Joseph Anthelme Sève (May or July 1788 - 12 March 1860), was a French-born Egyptian commander.


Soliman Pasha was born in Lyon. He was a sailor.[1] Later he joined the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. He fought at the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo.[1] Then he converted to Islam and was recruited to help build the Egyptian army on the European model. He married an Egyptian woman,[2] Maria Myriam Hanem, with whom he had three children, Nazli (future grandmother of Queen Nazli), Aasma and Mahadi. His great-granddaughter was Queen Nazli of Egypt, wife of King Fuad, and mother of King Farouk.[2] Suleiman Pasha died in Cairo.

As of 2003, he still had many descendants living in Egypt.


Tomb of Suleiman Pasha el-Faransawi, Old Cairo, Egypt

His tomb is present in Ruda island in Cairo Nile. - Cairo


The Statue of Suleiman Pasha

There is a statue of him in the Cairo Military Museum and a bust at the Préfecture in Lyon.


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