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S&W Model 5906
RCMP issue Smith & Wesson Model 5946 service pistol with Hogue grip
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin United States
Production history
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Produced 1990
Weight 1070 g (38.3 oz)
Length 191 mm (7.5 in)
Barrel length 102 mm (4 in)

Cartridge 9mm Luger Parabellum
Action Double/single action
Feed system 10- and 15 round magazine
Sights 3-dot adjustable

The Smith & Wesson 5906 is a pistol manufactured starting in 1989 by Smith & Wesson.


The 5906 is a full-sized, double/single action, staggered-column magazine, 9 mm pistol. The weapon's construction is all stainless steel. The firearm is chambered to fire 9 mm Luger Parabellum ammunition. The firearm was factory-shipped with a magazine disconnect feature designed to deactivate the trigger if the magazine is not fully inserted. The 5906 comes standard with either a 10 or 15 round magazine. Other features include ambidextrous safety levers, a one-piece rear wraparound grip, and a choice of either fixed sights or a rear sight fully adjustable for windage and elevation. A popular model with law enforcement and military units in the United States, the 5906 is nevertheless being replaced by lighter, polymer-framed models from Glock, Heckler & Koch, SIG Sauer as well as Smith & Wesson's own M&P line of polymer framed handguns in both 9mm and .40 calibers.


The first generation Smith & Wesson semi-auto pistol designations consist of two digits, such as Smith & Wesson Model 39 and Model 59. Second generation pistols are designated by three digits; these include the Model 459, Model 559, etc. Many second generation designs were eventually upgraded with various improvements, thus becoming the third generation pistols; these are identified by the addition of a fourth digit to the second generation model number: 5903, 5904, 5905, 5906, etc.

5900 Series


Produced from 1989 to 1998, the Model 5904 has an aluminum alloy frame and blued steel slide. The Model 5903 was manufactured from 1990 to 1997, and featured an aluminum alloy frame and a stainless steel slide. The Model 5905 was a very limited version, with a blued steel frame and slide. It was manufactured only in 1991, and in very low volume. The 5906 is an all stainless steel model, hence it is noticeably heavier than the others. It was produced from 1989 to 1999.[1] The stainless steel double-action only variant of this pistol, the Model 5946, produced from 1990 to 1999, was manufactured without safety levers, and is the primary issue Royal Canadian Mounted Police pistol and one of three pistols available for selection by New York City Police Department.[2]

The 5967 is a Lew Horton limited edition S&W model. Only 500 of these were made as a special offering in 1990. The gun is a 3914 carbon steel slide on a 5906 stainless steel frame, two-tone finish. The sights are Novak Lo-Mount fixed three dot sights. Product code is 103048 which is a 4" barrel and first (square) trigger guard.



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