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Handgun, .45 caliber, Smith & Wesson Model 457
S&W 457.jpg
Smith & Wesson Model 457 third generation semi-automatic
Type Semi-automatic handgun
Place of origin United States

The Smith & Wesson Model 457 is a compact semi-automatic pistol from Smith & Wesson's metal frame series of handguns. The 457 is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. The 457 is a traditional double-action pistol, meaning that the first shot is fired in double-action mode and the following shots are fired in single-action mode. The 457 has a 3.75-inch barrel and 7-round magazine capacity. It is available in either all black as the Model 457 or in stainless steel as the Model 457S.

The compact design of the pistol makes it ideal for concealed carry. There is no spur on the hammer, thereby reducing the risk of being caught on clothing during unholstering.


Model: 457

Caliber: .45ACP

Capacity: 7+1 Rounds

Barrel Length: 334"

Front Sight: Dot Front Sight

Rear Sight: Fixed

Grip: Plastic Grip

Frame: Small

Finish: Blue / Black (or stainless for the 457S)

Overall Length: 714"

Material: Alloy

Weight Empty: 29 oz.

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