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Slovenian Army and Navy division
Slovenska vojska
Sign of Slovenian Army.svg
Emblem of the Slovenian Army
Active 1991–1993 Slovene Territorial Defense Forces
Country Slovenia
Allegiance NATO
Branch Ground Army
Role Defending Slovenian territory
Equipment 84 m.b.t.'s, 195 i.f.v.'s & a.p.c.'s, 54 artillery pieces

Slovenian War of Independence
War on Terrorism:

War in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Note: For engagements of the navy detachment see: Slovenian Navy

The Slovenian Ground Force is the primary component of Slovenian Armed forces.


The current Slovenian Armed Forces are descended from the Territorial Defense of the Republic of Slovenia (Teritorialna Obramba Republike Slovenije; TORS), which was formed in 1968 as a paramilitary complement to the regular army of the former Yugoslav within the territory of Slovenia. The main objectives of TORS were to support the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) and conduct guerrilla operations in the event of an invasion.

When Slovenia declared independence at the onset of the Yugoslav Wars in 1991, the TORS and the Slovenian police comprised the majority of forces engaging the Yugoslav People's Army during the Ten-Day War. The Slovenian Armed Forces were formally established in 1993 as a reorganization of the TORS.

Weapons and equipment


Slovene soldiers with FN F2000S assault rifle

Small arms

Antitank and Anti-aircraft weapons

Model Type Origin Quantity
Spike MR, LR ATGM  Israel /
RGW 90 RPG  Singapore /  Israel 2,300
Igla MANPAD and Strelets  Russia /


Model Type Origin Quantity
TN90 155 mm towed Howitzer  Israel 18
MN 9 120 mm mortar  Israel 36

Tanks, IFVs and APCs

LKOV Valuk 6x6 apc (left) and M-84 tank (right)

Man 8 x 10 ton Truck

Model Origin Quantity
M-84  Yugoslavia 54 (17 in active service)
M-55 S  Soviet Union 30 (in reserve)
Model Origin Quantity
M-80A  Yugoslavia 52 (13 in active service)
Model Origin Quantity
BOV M  Yugoslavia 28
Valuk  Slovenia 85
Patria AMV (Svarun)  Finland 30

Other vehicles


Slovenian HMMWV.

Model Origin Quantity Role
Otokar Cobra LAV  Turkey 10 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle
HMMWV United States 42 Reconnaissance and Patrol Vehicle
JVBT-55  Soviet Union 7 Armored Recovery Vehicle
VT-55  Soviet Union 2 Armored Recovery Vehicle
MT-55  Soviet Union 4 Bridge-layer

Former equipment

Slovenian 9M111 Fagot anti-tank guided missile


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