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Sky Sabre/Land Ceptor
Land Ceptor.jpg
(Left) The 8-cell ‘Land Ceptor’ / CAAM missile launcher vehicle. (Right) the SAAB Giraffe radar
Type Short to Medium range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system.
Place of origin United Kingdom (CAMM)
Service history
In service 2020[1][2][3]
Production history
Manufacturer MBDA UK
Length 3.2 m (10 ft 6 in)[4]

Warhead Directed fragmentation.

Engine Solid-fuel rocket motor.
*Two way data link.[5]
*Land based platform.

The Sky Sabre or Land Ceptor (operaitonall BMC4I Sky Sabre) is the land-base version of the British Armed Force's CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) series of surface-to-air missiles developed by MBDA UK for the United Kingdom.[1]


In 2020, the Land Ceptor began serving in the Royal Artillery (British Army), and will continue to be delivered until all of the Rapier systems are replaced.[1][2][3]

Current Use

The Sky Sabre system is currently in use by the following units of the British Army:


The following vehicles make up the Sky Sabre system:

  • Effector — Missile System Launcher Modile
  • Radar — Detection and Radar Module
  • BMC4i — Command Module

All above systems are mounted on the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV).


Sky Sabre is a point defence and local area defence missile designed to respond to sophisticated missile attacks and has the capability to defend against saturation attacks of supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and other high-performance targets.[7] It does this via multiple channels of fire, providing 360-degree simultaneous coverage and high degrees of manoeuvrability. MBDA states that Sky Sabre has a "high rate of fire against multiple simultaneous targets",[23] providing capabilities comparable to the Aster 15 missile.


On land, CAMM is known as Land Ceptor by the British Army and the whole land-based air defence system is known as Sky Sabre.[7] The system has over three times the range of its predecessor Rapier.[8]

For international customers, MBDA markets the "Enhanced Modular Air Defence Solutions (EMADS)." This is a rapidly deployable point and area defence system designed to protect mobile and static high value assets. It provides all-weather protection against air targets, including low level terrain and high altitude threats. Each EMADS launcher is scalable and can carry multiple CAMM or CAMM-ER missiles as well as being mobile with off-road capability. The system provides EMADS with pre-launch targeting information based on track data from a suitable radar sensor.[9][10]


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