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Skirmish of Pastrengo
Part of the First Italian War of Independence
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Charge of the Carabinieri
DateApril 30, 1848[1]
LocationPastrengo, Lombardy-Venetia
Result Sardinian victory[2]
 Kingdom of Sardinia Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Austrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1848-1851).svg King Charles Albert
Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1848-1851).svg General Broglia
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Marshal Wocher
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Hauptmann Nagel
25,000-30,000 Troops[5][6]
only 13,700 engaged [8]
5,900 Troops[6][8]
well-entrenched posts [5]
Casualties and losses
15 killed[8][9]
90 wounded[8][9]
25 killed[7][8]
147 wounded[7][8]
341 captured[7][8]
42 MIA[7]

The Skirmish of Pastrengo was fought between the Piedmontese and Austrian army on 30 April 1848, in the course of the First Italian War of Independence.


The troops of the Kingdom of Sardinia were for the most part volunteers from regions of northern Italy.[6] Among the troops at Pastrengo, there were recorded, 1,000 volunteers from Parma, 150 volunteers from Piacenza and 400 students from Pavia and Turin.[5]

The Skirmish

As documented by the New monthly magazine: Vol. 83, 1848: [10]

"On the 30th of April, what is called in the bulletin issued from the head-quarters of the Sardinian army, "the first battle between the two armies of Italy," was fought. The end proposed was to occupy Bussolengo, Pastrengo, and Piovezzana, and to attempt to force the Adige. The affair commenced at half-past eleven, A.m. The Italian troops succeeded in driving the Austrians from all the positions which they occupied at Pastrengo, and in gaining the heights which command the Adige."


As documented by the New monthly magazine: Vol. 83, 1848: [10]

"During the night of the 30th, Bussolengo was taken by the Sardinians, and the passage of the Adige effected at Pontone."


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Coordinates: 45°29′22″N 10°48′36″E / 45.48944°N 10.81°E / 45.48944; 10.81

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