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Skirmish at Farnham Church
Part of War of 1812
DateDecember 6, 1814
LocationFarnham, Virginia
37°53′11″N 76°37′31″W / 37.88639°N 76.62528°W / 37.88639; -76.62528Coordinates: 37°53′11″N 76°37′31″W / 37.88639°N 76.62528°W / 37.88639; -76.62528
Result United States victory
United Kingdom British Empire  United States
unknown infantry,
unknown naval forces
unknown militia

The Skirmish at Farnham Church was a small engagement during the War of 1812, the warring power of the British bombarded North Farnham Church and assaulted the church on land. The strength of either side is unknown but was fought between British troops and Virginian militia. The engagement at the northern end of the Farnham Church complex occurred on December 6, 1814, the British failed to capture their target.


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