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Sino-Soviet conflict (1929)
KVZHD 1929 01.jpg
Soviet soldiers with captured Kuomintang banners.
DateJuly 22 - September 9, 1929
LocationInner Manchuria
Result Soviet victory. Provisions of 1924 agreement were upheld.
Taiwan Republic of China  Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Zhang Xueliang Soviet Union Vasily Blyukher
Republic of China Army Flag.svg 300,000 Soviet Union 18,521
Casualties and losses
Republic of China Army Flag.svg 7 ships lost
2,000 killed
1,000 wounded
more than 8,550 prisoners[citation needed]
Soviet Union 281 killed
729 wounded[citation needed]

The Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929 (1929年 中東路事件) was a minor armed conflict between the Soviet Union and Chinese warlord Zhang Xueliang of the Republic of China over the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway.

When the Chinese seized the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway in 1929, swift Soviet military intervention quickly put an end to the crisis and forced the Chinese to accept restoration of joint Soviet-Chinese administration of the railway.[1]

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