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Simpang KKA incident
Date 3 May 1999
Location Dewantara, North Aceh, Indonesia
Deaths 52

Simpang KKA incident also known as The Dewantara Incident or Krueng Geukueh tragedy is an event during Aceh insurgency that occurred on 3 May 1999 in[1] North Aceh, Aceh, which resulted in 52 people dead[2] after the Indonesian military randomly shot at hundreds of peaceful protesters against an earlier shooting incident (30 April) at Cot Murong, Lhokseumawe.


Simpang KKA is a junction near to PT Kertas Kraft Aceh factory at Dewantara, Lhokseumawe, Aceh. On 3 May 1999, hundreds of civilians protested against the previous Indonesian military shooting at Cot Murong.


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