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Simón Bolívar Guerrilla Coordinating Board
Simón Bolívar Guerrilla Coordinating Board's flag
Simón Bolívar Guerrilla Coordinating Board flag.
Active 1987 - Early 1990s
Country Colombia
Allegiance Leftism, major componants were communist
Role Guerrilla warfare
Part of the FARC, M-19, ELN, EPL, PRT and MAQL
Colors Red
Equipment Small arms

The Simón Bolívar Guerrilla Coordinating Board (Spanish language: Coordinadora Guerrillera Simón Bolívar or CGSB ) was an umbrella group of guerrilla organizations in Colombia[1] from 1987 to the early 1990s. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the 19th of April Movement, the National Liberation Army, the Popular Liberation Army, Workers Revolutionary Party and the Movimiento Armado Quintin Lame were all members of the CGSB.[2]


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