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Sievers Sandberg Reserve Center
military command and control facility
The Camp Pedricktown command post controlled fire units in the Philadelphia Defense Area.
Country United States
State New Jersey
Region Philadelphia Defense Area
Command Army Air Defense Command
Parts AN/FSG-1, AN/FPS-8, AN/FPS-6[1]
Nearest city Wilmington, Delaware
Location AADCP
September 1966 [2]
Site # PH-64DC

The Sievers Sandberg Reserve Center is a U.S. Army Reserve training installation in New Jersey. It occupies 39 acres (16 ha).[2]

It was previously Camp Pedricktown an Air Defense Base[2][3] Construction under the Philadelphia District of the Army Corps of Engineers transferred to the New York District on July 1, 1960.[4] The station had a Missile Master installation with an Army Air Defense Command Post, and associated search, height finder, and identification friend or foe radars. The station's radars were subsequently replaced with radars at Gibbsboro Air Force Station[1] 15 mi (24 km) away.[3] The obsolete Martin AN/FSG-1 Antiaircraft Defense System,a 1957-vintage vacuum tube computer, was removed after command of the defense area was transferred to the command post at Highlands Air Force Station near New York City. The Highlands AFS command post controlled the combined New York-Philadelphia Defense Area.[3]

The air defense station, with an intact bunker was designated an historic site in 1998 by the Salem Historic Preservation Office.[5]

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modern oblique overhead images of bunker
1970s ground view of bunker, p. 151


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The 2000 environmental report for the station is the Recordation of the Nike Missile Master Complex Pedrickstown U.S. Army Reserve Support Facility.[1]

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