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Sierra Leone Independence Medal
Sierra leone independence medal.png
ribbon of medal
Awarded by Sierra Leone, United Kingdom
Type Independence Medal
Eligibility Military and police personnel
Awarded for service in Sierra Leone at independence
Established 26 April 1961

The Sierra Leone Independence Medal was authorised by Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the granting of independence to Sierra Leone to give recognition to individuals of the Royal Sierra Leone Military Forces, Sierra Leone Naval Volunteer Force and the Police Force who were serving on the 27 April 1961 and to members of the United Kingdom Land Forces were seconded to the Royal Sierra Leone Military Forces.[1]


  • The circular cupro-nickel Sierra Leone Independence Medal features the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.[1]
  • The reverse of the medal depicts the Sierra Leone Coat of Arms surrounded by the inscription Sierra Leone Independence, 27 April 1961 in a half circle above.[1]
  • The ribbon has a three vertical stripes, green, white and blue, the colours of the Sierra Leons national flag.[1]


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