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Siege of Tortosa (1810)
Part of Peninsular War
Remond - Le général de division Suchet, commandant le 3ème corps de l'armée d'Espagne, reçoit la capitulation de la ville de Tortosa, 2 janvier 1811.jpg
A view of Tortosa
Date16 December 1810 – 2 January 1811
LocationTortosa, Spain
Result French victory
France First French Empire Spain Kingdom of Spain
Commanders and leaders
France Louis Gabriel Suchet Spain Conde de Alacha
12,000 7,179, 182 guns
Casualties and losses
400 5,374

The Siege of Tortosa (16 December 1810 – 2 January 1811) pitted an Imperial French army under Marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet against the Spanish defenders of Tortosa led by General Lilli, Conde de Alacha. The siege progressed swiftly and Alacha surrendered on 2 January 1811. Tortosa is a city that lies on the Ebro River about 80 kilometres (50 mi) southwest of Tarragona. The action took place during the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars.

Colonel Rouelle was employed at the siege of Tortosa, where he defeated two sorties by the besieged on the December 24 and December 28, 1810. These two feats were mentioned in dispatches.


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