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Siege of Toda Castle
LocationIzumo Province
Result Amago clan victory
Amago clan Ōuchi clan
Commanders and leaders
Amago Haruhisa Ōuchi Yoshitaka

The Siege of Toda Castle (月山富田城の戦い Gassan Toda-jō no Tatakai?) was a battle during the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan.

The siege of the castle was personally led by Ōuchi Yoshitaka against Gassantoda Castle located within Izumo Province, under the control of Amago Haruhisa. After a long hard fought siege, Haruhisa ended in victory. Yoshitaka, who had failed in his attempt, withdrew to Yamaguchi, in which he indulged himself within more and more pleasures, until he was even deposed by his retainer, Sue Harukata.


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