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Siege of Steinvikholm
Part of Olav Engelbrektsson's rebellion
and the Protestant Reformation
DateApril 1537 – 17 May 1537
LocationSteinvikholm Castle in Stjørdal
63°32′38″N 10°48′48″E / 63.543781°N 10.813206°E / 63.543781; 10.813206Coordinates: 63°32′38″N 10°48′48″E / 63.543781°N 10.813206°E / 63.543781; 10.813206
Result Danish Protestant victory
Commanders and leaders
Coat of arms of Norway (1924) no crown.svg Deacon Knud Pederson Skanke Denmark Tord Roed
Unknown (maybe around 100) Unknown (maybe around 300-400)
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Steinvikholm was a siege of Steinvikholm Castle in Stjørdal, between the forces of the Catholic Deacon Knud Pederson Skanke and noble Tord Roed.[1] The siege started in April after the Archbishop of Norway Olav Engelbrektsson had fled the country.[2] The protestant forces laid siege to the castle and did a naval blockade of the fjord.[1] The defenders fired their canons at the besiegers day and night, and refused several request to surrender to the protestant forces. But the defenders surrendered on 17 May. The reason was that the defenders heard a rumour that the noble Truid Ulfstand was on his way to Trondheim from Denmark with a force of 1500 men.[1] The defenders stipulated for there surrender that; non of the defenders where to be punished after the surrender, and be pardoned for there involvement in the rebellion. Knud Pederson Skanke was to keep all his possessions he had at the castle, and keep his position as deacon.[1]


All the demands were accepted by the besiegers, and the stipulations were formally accepted by the nobles Truid Ulfstand and Christoffer Huitfeldt on 29 May.[1] After this the catholics were subdued in Trøndelag and Northern Norway. The only resistance left was in the northern part of Eastern Norway. In June, Truid Ulfstand invaded that part of the country and laid siege to Hamarhus.[3]

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