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Siege of Salvador
Part of the Brazilian War of Independence
Parreiras O Primeiro Passo para a Independência da Bahia.png
Date2 March 1822–2 July 1823
LocationSalvador in Bahia, Brazil
Result Brazilian victory
 Empire of Brazil Flag of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves.svg Kingdom of Portugal
Commanders and leaders
Pierre Labatut Inácio Luís Madeira de Melo
At the beginning: 1,500[1]
At the end: 14,000[2]

1 Ship of the Line
3 Frigates
2 Corvettes
3 Brigs
1 "Charrua"
1 Brig-Schooner
At the beginning: 3,000[4]
At the end: 10,500[5]

1 Ship of the Line
2 Frigates
1 "Charrua"
8 Corvettes
2 Brigs
1 Smack
Casualties and losses
750 dead
280 wounded[citation needed]
2.500 dead
700 wounded
300 captured[citation needed]

The Siege of Salvador occurred during the Brazilian War of Independence, during which the Brazilian Army, under Pierre Labatut, attempted to capture the city of Salvador in Bahia from its Portuguese Army defenders. The siege lasted from 2 March 1822 until 2 July 1823, finally ending when the Portuguese commander, Inácio Luís Madeira de Melo, surrendered his forces to the Brazilians.[7]


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