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Siege of Ruthven Barracks (1746)
Part of the Jacobite Rising of 1745
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Ruthven Barracks
Date10–11 February 1746[1][2]
LocationRuthven, Badenoch, Scottish Highlands
Result Jacobite victory, Government garrison surrenders.[1]
Kingdom of Great Britain 55th Regiment of Foot Jacobites
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Sergeant Molloy[2] John Gordon of Glenbuchat[2]
Unknown 300 men[2]
Some cannon artillery[2]
Casualties and losses
Uknown Unknown

The Siege of Ruthven Barracks that took place over the 10 – 11 February 1746 was part of the Jacobite rising of 1745.

In August 1745 the Jacobites had unsuccessfully laid siege to the barracks being repulsed by a small group of Government soldiers.[2] However the Jacobites returned in February 1746 this time equipped with cannon,[2] and as a result the Government garrison surrenderd.[1][3] After the Government surrender the Jacobites burned Ruthven Barracks, although the damage must have been slight because they were still in use afterwards.[4]


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