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Siege of Ruthven Barracks (1745)
Part of the Jacobite Rising of 1745
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Ruthven Barracks
Date29 August 1745
LocationRuthven, Badenoch, Scottish Highlands
Result Victory for British-Hanoverian Government, Jacobites repulsed[1]
Kingdom of Great Britain 55th Regiment of Foot Jacobites
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Sergeant Molloy[2] MacDonell of Lochgarry[2]
Dr Archibald Cameron of Lochiel[2]
John William O’Sullivan[2]
15 men (1 Sergeant and 14 Privates)[2] 150 men[2]
Casualties and losses
1 man killed[2] 2 killed[2]

The Siege of Ruthven Barracks that took place in August 1745 was part of the Jacobite rising of 1745.[1]


On 29 August 1745 a force of 300 Jacobite rebels marched on the Government held Ruthven Barracks.[2] The barracks were under the command of Sergeant Terrance Molloy who had with him only 14 private soldiers.[2] The Jacobites came to the gate of the barracks and demanded that Molloy surrender.[2] Molloy was defiant and refused despite the Jacobites telling him that they would hang him and his men if he refused.[2] The Jacobites then retreated some distance.[2]

The assault

At nightfall 150 Jacobites returned and attacked the barracks.[2] They set fire to the door gate but the defending soldiers managed to put it out.[2] The man who started the fire was spotted and became an early victim.[2] At about half past three in the morning the Jacobites withdrew.[2] Sergeant Molloy then agreed to speak to two of the Jacobite leaders but he still refused terms of surrender.[2] However Molloy did agree to allow the Jacobites to remove their dead and wounded.[2] The Jacobites had lost two men dead and several others wounded.[2] The Government soldiers had only lost one man dead when he raised his head above the parapet despite orders to keep his head down.[2]


The Jacobites then left Ruthven but not without stealing many provisions from the residents of Ruthven Village.[2] Sergeant Molloy was immediately promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.[2] On 10 February 1746, 300 Jacobites returned to attack Ruthven Barracks again and this time they had the advantage of having cannon artillery.[2]


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