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Siege of Pondicherry
Part of the Third Carnatic War
Ruines de Pondichery en 1762.jpg
Pondicherry is destroyed by British troops after the capitulation of the city
Date4 September 1760 – 15 January 1761
LocationPondicherry, India
Result Decisive British victory

 Kingdom of Great Britain

  • British East India Company

 Kingdom of France

Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Sir Eyre Coote Kingdom of France Count de Lally

The 1760–1761 Siege of Pondicherry was a conflict in the Third Carnatic War, part of the global Seven Years' War. Lasting from 4 September 1760 to 15 January 1761, British land and naval forces besieged and eventually compelled the French forces defending the French colonial outpost of Pondicherry to surrender. The city was on the verge of starvation when French commander Lally surrendered. Many civilians were killed in fire between the lines when Lally attempted to evict them from the city in order to reduce the population under siege.


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