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Siege of Patras
Part of the Greek War of Independence
I Katalipsi ton Patron - by Hess.jpg
Athanasios Kanakaris during the siege of Patras by Peter von Hess
DateMarch 1821
LocationPatras, Greece
Result Capture of the city by the Greeks, creation of the Directorate of Achaea
Greek Revolution flag.svg Greek Revolutionary Army  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Greek Revolution flag.svg Germanos of Patras
Greek Revolution flag.svgAthanasios Kanakaris
Greek Revolution flag.svg Andreas Londos
Greek Revolution flag.svg Benizelos Rouphos
Greek Revolution flag.svg Panagiotis Karatzas
1,500 irregulars
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Siege of Patras was one of the first events of the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830). After the outbreak of the revolution, the Greeks of Patras tried to capture the main castle of the city. After a long period and several sieges, finally the Ottomans restored the order and Patras remained under Ottoman control almost until the end of the war.


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