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Siege of Oshi
Part of Supremacy of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Oshi-jo fukugen 001.jpg
Oshi castle
LocationMusashi province
Result Toyotomi victory
Hōjō forces Toyotomi forces
Commanders and leaders
Narita Nagachika Ishida Mitsunari
3000 23,000

The 1590 siege of Oshi was one of many battles in Toyotomi Hideyoshi's campaigns against the Hōjō clan during Japan's Sengoku period.

Oshi, which was a castle under the control of the Hōjō clan, was attacked by senior Toyotomi retainer Ishida Mitsunari. Throughout this siege, Mitsunari used a prior strategy of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, that of diverting a river to flood the whole castle area. Yet, the defenders under the Hojo retainers Narita clan held out until the fall of the Hojo stronghold Odawara.


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