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Siege of Mitsuji
Part of the Sengoku period
DateMay 1576
Result Ikkō-ikki victory
Ikkō-ikki monks forces of Oda Nobunaga
Commanders and leaders
Various/Unknown Harada Naomasa
Oda Nobunaga

The 1576 Siege of Mitsuji was part of the eleven-year Ishiyama Hongan-ji War. The Ikkō-ikki, a group of warrior monks and peasants, controlled the fortress and stood as one of the primary obstacles to Oda Nobunaga's bid for power.

In May 1576, Nobunaga personally took part in an attack on the fortress. He led a number of ashigaru (foot soldiers) in pushing back the Ikki garrison to their inner gates. However, the Ikki were expert gunners, forcing Nobunaga to withdraw. Nobunaga suffered a bullet wound to his leg, and lost one of his generals, Harada Naomasa.


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