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Siege of Minamata Castle
Part of Sengoku period
Date16–17 September 1581
LocationMinamata castle, Higo Province
Result Shimazu victory
Shimazu clan Ōtomo clan
Sagara clan
Commanders and leaders
Shimazu Iehisa Sagara Yoshiaki
31000 700

The Siege of Minamata Castle was a short siege of the castle of Minamata. Minamata was the entry point for the Ōtomo lands in Higo province, the castle was guarded by Sagara Yoshiaki with 700 soldiers.[1] When Shimazu Iehisa encamped near the castle with 31000 men on 16 September negotiations were opened but Sagara refused to allow the Shimazu unhindered transit through his domain. The castle was taken by storm overnight and Yoshiaki was forced to commit seppuku.[2]


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