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Siege of Groenlo (1606)
Part of the Dutch Revolt
Siege of Groenlo November 9th 1606 Snayers.jpg
Groenlo relieved by Spinola, November 1606.
Maurice's army (right) sounds the retreat.
(In a painting commissioned from Peeter Snayers by Spinola).
Date3–14 August 1606 (Spinola)
30 October - 9 November 1606 (Maurice)
LocationGroenlo, Gelderland
(present-day the Netherlands)
Result 1st Siege: Spanish victory
2nd Siege: Spanish victory
Spain Spain Dutch Republic United Provinces
Commanders and leaders
Spain Ambrosio Spinola Dutch Republic Maurice of Nassau
Dutch Republic Diederik van Dort
15,000 1,300-1,400

For other sieges of the town, see Siege of Groenlo.

The Siege of Groenlo was a siege of Groenlo or Grol in 1606 during the Dutch Revolt. It lasted from 3 to 14 August 1606 and ended in the city being captured from the United Provinces by a Spanish Empire force under Ambrosio Spinola. A few months later Prince Maurice attempted to retake the city but failed due to poor planning and an intervention by Spinola. Groenlo would remain in Spanish hands until another siege in 1627.

Historical context

Spinola's siege

Initial investing

Intensification, surrender


Maurice's siege

Slow progress

Maurice retreats





Coordinates: 52°3′N 6°37′E / 52.05°N 6.617°E / 52.05; 6.617

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