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Siege of Groenlo (1597)
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Belegering van Grol in 1597 - Siege of Groenlo in 1597.jpg

Depiction of the siege of Grol by Maurice in 1597.
Date11–28 September 1597
LocationGroenlo, Gelderland
(present-day the Netherlands)
Result Dutch-English victory
Dutch Republic United Provinces
England England
Spain Spain
Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Maurice of Nassau Spain Jan van Stirum
6,000 infantry
1,400 cavalry
14 artillery pieces
800 infantry
300 cavalry

For other sieges of the town, see Siege of Groenlo.

Prins Maurits van Oranje.

The fronts of the war c.1597.

Schematic map of the siege of Groenlo in 1597 (J.Blaeu).

The Siege of Groenlo was a siege of Groenlo by Dutch forces under Maurice of Nassau during the Eighty Years' War. It lasted from 11 to 28 September 1597 and ended in the town's capture from its Spanish garrison. After that the troops moved to Bredevoort. It followed an unsuccessful Dutch siege by Maurice in 1595 and formed part of Maurice's successful offensives against the Spanish in 1597. Groenlo was then held by the States until a siege in 1606 by Ambrosio Spinola.

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