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Siege of Groenlo (1595)
Part of the Dutch Revolt
Belegering van Grol in 1595 - Siege of Groenlo in 1595.jpg
View of the siege of Groenlo in 1595.
Date14–24 July 1595
LocationGroenlo, Gelderland
(present-day the Netherlands)
Result Spanish victory
Dutch Republic United Provinces
England England[1]
Spain Spain
Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Maurice of Nassau
England Francis Vere
Spain Cristóbal de Mondragón
(Spanish Tercios)
Spain Jan van Stirum
(In Groenlo)
6,000 infantry
200-300 cavalry
16 artillery pieces
(Spanish Tercios)
7,000 infantry
1,300 cavalry
(In Groenlo)
600 infantry

For other sieges of the town, see Siege of Groenlo.

An artist's impression of the siege

The Siege of Grol or Groenlo in 1595 was a siege of Groenlo by States forces under Maurice of Nassau during the Eighty Years' War in an attempt to capture it from the Spanish Empire. It lasted from 14 to 24 July 1595, ending with the arrival of a Spanish relief force under Cristóbal de Mondragón and Maurice's retreat. Two years later, in 1597, Maurice returned to carry out another Siege of Groenlo. Both these sieges formed part of what would later be called the Ten Years.



Mondragon's arrival


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