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Siege of Graudenz
Part of the War of the Fourth Coalition
Karte der Blokade und Belagerung der Festung Graudenz.jpg
Date22 January[1] – 11 December 1807
LocationGraudenz, Prussia
53°29′33″N 18°46′34″E / 53.4925°N 18.77611°E / 53.4925; 18.77611
Result Prussian victory[1]

First French Empire French Empire

 Kingdom of Prussia
Commanders and leaders
First French Empire Marie François Rouyer
First French Empire Claude Victor-Perrin
Grand Duchy of Hesse Johann Georg
Electorate of Saxony Georg Friedrich
Kingdom of Prussia Wilhelm René de l'Homme de Courbière
4,500[1]-5,709 men[2]
Casualties and losses
761 dead
88 captured
53 missing
826 deserted

Template:OSM Location map The Siege of Graudenz was a siege during the Napoleonic Wars between 22 January and 11 December 1807. As part of the War of the Fourth Coalition the Prussian fortress at Graudenz in West Prussia was besieged by forces of the French Empire and its allies. The garrison, commanded by General Wilhelm René de l'Homme de Courbière, withheld blockade and siege for some 11 months, long past the formal Peace of Tilsit. The French abandoned the siege after the borders between Prussia and the new Duchy of Warsaw were defined; Graudenz staying a Prussian possession until after World War I.

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