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Siege of Fukuryūji
Part of the Genpei War
LocationFukuryūji, Okayama Prefecture
Result Minamoto victory; fortress falls
Minamoto clan Taira clan
Commanders and leaders
Imai Kanehira Seno Kaneyasu

The siege of the Fukuryūji took place in 1183, and was a battle of the Genpei War, the great 12th-century Japanese civil war between the Taira clan and the Minamoto clan. Fukuryūji (福隆寺) was a fortress belonging to Senoo Kaneyasu, a Taira partisan. Imai Kanehira led his men across muddy ricefields, under heavy archer fire, to take the fortress. The attackers were victorious, and Kaneyasu was killed.

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