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Battle of Grand-Pré
Part of King George's War
DateAugust 19–20, 1746
LocationNorth Adams, Massachusetts
Result French victory
 Kingdom of France
 Kingdom of Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
François-Pierre Rigaud de Vaudreuil Sergeant John Hawks[1]
1,000 22 men, 3 women, 5 children
Casualties and losses
1 killed, 16 wounded 30 prisoners, 14 survived

The Siege of Fort Massachusetts (August 19–20, 1746) was a successful siege of Fort Massachusetts (in present-day North Adams, Massachusetts) by a mixed force of more than 1,000 French and Indians from New France. The fort, garrisoned by a disease-weakened militia force from the Province of Massachusetts Bay, surrendered after its supplies of ammunition and gunpowder were depleted. Thirty prisoners were taken and transported back to Quebec, where about half of them died in captivity.


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