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Siege of Fellin
Part of the Polish-Swedish wars
Jan Zamoyski Hetman.jpg
Hetman Jan Zamoyski
DateMarch 25 - May 17, 1602
LocationFellin, present day Estonia
Result Polish victory
Sweden Sweden Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders

Jan Zamoyski
Stanisław Żółkiewski

Jürgen von Farensbach
800 5,000

The Siege of Fellin took place between March 25 and 17 May 1602 during the Polish–Swedish War (1600–1611). Polish and Lithuanian forces led by Grand Crown Hetman Jan Zamoyski besieged the Swedish-held town of Fellin (present day Viljandi in Estonia). The large Polish-Lithuanian army of around 5,000 troops first took the town, while the Swedish defenders, numbering around 800, retreated to the city's castle. After a second frontal attack on the castle, during which the Voivode of Wenden Jerzy Farensbach was killed, the Swedish garrison capitulated, although a group of Finnish soldiers refused to surrender and blew themselves up in the castle's tower. Fellin was later recaptured by the Swedes in the siege of 1608.[1]


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