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Destruction of Diriyah
Part of the Ottoman-Saudi war
DateApril – 15 September 1818
Result Ottoman victory
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Ibrahim Pasha Abdullah bin Saud
30,000 men,
30 artillery pieces
5,000 men
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown, but large number of civilians and soldiers killed and wounded
Destruction of Diriyah.

The Destruction of Diriyah took place late in, 1818 at the end of the Ottoman-Saudi war of 1811–18 during the Nejd Expedition. When the forces of Ibrahim Pasha had reached Diriyah, Abdullah I tried to defend his capital with a weak army. After a siege of several months Abdullah surrendered to the Ottomans on September 9. Abdullah was made prisoner and with his treasurer and secretary was taken to Cairo. Later Abdullah was sent to Istanbul, where, in spite of Ibrahim's promise of safety and of Mohammad Ali's intercession in his favor, he was put to death. At the close of the year 1819 Ibrahim returned to Cairo, having subdued all opposition in the Arabian Peninsula, ending the Ottoman-Saudi war, and starting his duty with the Ottomans against the Greek Revolt.


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