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Siege of Deventer (1591)
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Deventer 1591.jpg
Attack on the Zandpoort.
Date1–10 June 1591
LocationDeventer, Overijssel
(present-day the Netherlands)
Result Dutch-English victory
 United Provinces
 Kingdom of England
Spain Spanish garrison (Germans and Walloons)
Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Maurice of Nassau
Kingdom of England Francis Vere
Spain Herman van den Bergh
9,000 infantry
1,600 cavalry

The Siege of Deventer was a siege of the city of Deventer from 1 to 10 June 1591 during the Eighty Years' War by Dutch troops under Maurice of Nassau in an attempt to retake it from its Spanish garrison, commanded by Herman van den Bergh on behalf of the Spanish. The city had first been captured by the States in 1579 but lost back to the Spanish in the meantime after its betrayal by governor William Stanley. The garrison put up a stubborn defence but finally surrendered on 10 June.

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