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Siege of Deventer (1578)
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Date3 August - 19 November 1578
LocationDeventer, Overijssel
Result Deventer captured by the States
Dutch Republic States-General of the Netherlands Spain German garrison under Spanish command
Commanders and leaders
Graaf van Rennenberg
Diederik Sonoy
Augustyn Ryck
Army of Rennenberg:
10 detachments
(around 1,300)
French army:
Casualties and losses
Unknown 300

The Siege of Deventer was a siege of the city of Deventer by States troops under George van Lalaing, count of Rennenberg, from 3 August to 19 November 1578 during the Eighty Years' War. It was besieged in an attempt by the States-General of the Netherlands better to protect the regions of Holland and Utrecht from Spanish plundering. Since 1572 the city had been held by the German Polweiler-regiment for the Spanish Empire on behalf of Don John of Austria. After Lalaing had put into practice a number of pieces of strategic advice from Johan van den Kornput, the city was prepared to negotiate a surrender and on 19 November 1578 handed itself over to States troops.

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