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Siege of Darwar
Part of the Third Anglo-Mysore War
Date18 September 1790 – 3 April 1791
LocationDarwar, Kingdom of Mysore
Result British-Mahratta victory
Mahratta Empire
British East India Company
Kingdom of Mysore
Commanders and leaders
Purseram Bhow
John Little
Charles Frederick
John Sartorius
Badr ul-Zaman Khan Sahib

The Siege of Darwar was a twenty-nine week siege of the fort at Darwar in 1790 and 1791, then near the frontier between the Kingdom of Mysore and the Mahratta Empire. The Mahrattas, assisted by forces of the British East India Company, began the siege on 18 September 1790; the Mysorean garrison surrendered on 3 April 1791.


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