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The following units and commanders of the Union Army fought at the Siege of Corinth (29 Apr-30 May 1862) of the American Civil War. The Union Army had approximately 150,000 present for duty.[1] Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the siege.[2]

Abbreviations used[]

Military Rank[]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Department of the Mississippi[]

MG Henry W. Halleck[3]

District of West Tennessee[]

MG Ulysses S. Grant[5][6]

Right Wing (Army of the Tennessee)[]

MG George H. Thomas[7][8]

  • Chief of Staff and Asst. Adjutant General: Cpt George E. Flynt
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division (Army of the Ohio)[9]
     MG George H. Thomas until 3 May
     BG Thomas W. Sherman

1st Brigade

   BG Albin F. Schoepf

  • 12th Kentucky: Col William A. Hoskins
  • 17th Ohio: Col John M. Connell
  • 31st Ohio: Col Moses B. Walker
  • 38th Ohio: Col Edwin Bradley
2nd Brigade

   BG Speed Smith Fry

3rd Brigade

   BG Robert L. McCook

  • 2nd Minnesota: Col James George
  • 9th Ohio: Maj Gustave Kammerling
  • 35th Ohio: Col Ferdinand Van Derveer
  • 18th U.S. Infantry: Ltc Oliver L. Shepherd
  • 1st Michigan, Battery D
  • 1st Ohio Battery
  • 4th U.S. Artillery, 1 battery
  • 1st Ohio Cavalry

Second Division
     BG Thomas A. Davies until 2 June
     BG Edward Otho Cresap Ord

1st Brigade

   Col James Tuttle

  • 2nd Iowa: Cpt R. H. Huston
  • 7th Iowa: Col Elliott Warren Rice
  • "Union Brigade": Ltc John P. Coulter[10]
    • 8th Iowa, Detachment
    • 12th Iowa, Detachment
    • 14th Iowa, Detachment: Cpt R. W. Healy
    • 58th Illinois, Detachment
2nd Brigade

   BG Richard J. Oglesby

  • 9th Illinois: Col August Mersy
  • 12th Illinois: Col Augustus L. Chetlain
  • 81st Ohio: Col Thomas Morton
  • 13th Missouri: Col Crafts J. Wright
  • Birge’s Sharpshooters
3rd Brigade

   Col Silas Baldwin

  • 7th Illinois: Col Andrew J. Babcock
  • 50th Illinois: Cpt John W. Smith
  • 52nd Illinois: Cpt E. A. Bowen
  • 57th Illinois: Ltc Frederick J. Hurlbut
  • 2nd Michigan Battery
  • 1st Missouri Batteries D, H, I, and K: Maj Cavender
  • 2nd Illinois Cavalry, 1 squadron: Cpt J. R. Hotaling
  • 5th Ohio Cavalry, 3rd Battalion: Maj C. S. Hayes
  • 4th U.S. Cavalry, Company I: Lt J. Powell

Fourth Division
     BG Stephen A. Hurlbut

1st Brigade

   BG Jacob G. Lauman

  • 52nd Indiana: Cpt W. L. Guard transferred to 2nd Brigade May 1862
  • 28th Illinois: Col Amory K. Johnson
  • 32nd Illinois: Maj William Hunter
  • 41st Illinois: Col Isaac C. Pugh
  • 53rd Illinois: Col W.H.W. Cushman
  • 3rd Iowa: Cpt John B. Smith
2nd Brigade

   BG James C. Veatch

  • 25th Indiana: Cpt John Watson Foster
  • 53rd Indiana: Col Walter Q. Gresham
  • 14th Illinois: Col Cyrus Hall
  • 15th Illinois: Col Thomas J. Turner
  • 46th Illinois: Ltc John J. Jones
  • 2nd Illinois, Batteries B and I: Bolton
  • 1st Missouri, Battery C: Cpt Charles Mann
  • 1st Ohio Battery: Cpt Edward Spear
  • 5th Ohio Cavalry, 1st and 2nd Battalions: Col William H. H. Taylor

Fifth Division
     MG William T. Sherman[11]

1st Brigade

   Col John A. McDowell until 12 May
   Col Morgan L. Smith

Before 15 May

After 15 May

2nd Brigade

   Col David Stuart until 15 May
   Col John A. McDowell

Before 15 May

After 15 May

  • 40th Illinois: Ltc J. W. Booth
  • 6th Iowa: Cpt Madison Miner Walden
  • 46th Ohio: Col Thomas Worthington
  • 77th Ohio: Col Jesse Hildebrand
  • 6th Indiana Battery
3rd Brigade

   Col Jesse Hildebrand until 15 May
   Col Ralph P. Buckland until 16 May
   BG James W. Denver[12]

Before 15 May

  • 53rd Ohio: Ltc Robert A. Fulton
  • 57th Ohio: Ltc Americus V. Rice
  • 77th Ohio: Ltc Wills De Haas

After 15 May

  • 48th Ohio: Capt Samuel G. W. Peterson
  • 53rd Ohio: Col Wells Jones
  • 70th Ohio: Col Joseph R. Cockerill
  • 72nd Ohio: Col Ralph P. Buckland
4th Brigade

   Col Ralph P. Buckland

  • 48th Ohio: Cpt R. S. Robbins
  • 70th Ohio: Col Joseph R. Cockerill
  • 72nd Ohio: Cpt C. G. Eaton

Discontinued 15 May


   Maj Ezra Taylor

  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery B: Cpt S. E. Barrett
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery E: Lt J. A. Fitch
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery H: Cpt Axel Silfverparre
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery I: Cpt Edward Bouton
  • 4th Indiana Battery: Lt William Mussman
  • 7th Ohio Battery

   Col T. Lyle Dickey

  • 4th Illinois Cavalry, 2nd and 3rd Battalions: Col T. Lyle Dickey
  • Thielemann's Illinois Cavalry, 2 companies: Maj Chriistian Thielemann

Sixth Division
     BG Thomas J. McKean until 30 Apr
     BG Thomas W. Sherman until 3 May
     BG Thomas J. McKean

1st Brigade

   Col John L. Doran untill 23 May
   BG John McArthur

  • 21st Missouri: Col David Moore
  • 25th Missouri: Ltc R. T. Van Horn
  • 16th Wisconsin: Maj Thomas Reynolds
  • 17th Wisconsin: Col John L. Doran, Ltc Adam G. Malloy
2nd Brigade

   Col John M. Oliver

  • 15th Michigan: Maj Stephen Walsh
  • 18th Missouri: Ltc McDermott
  • 18th Wisconsin: Cpt Charles H. Jackson
  • Ford’s Company Illinois Cavalry
3rd Brigade

   Col Marcellus M. Crocker

  • 11th Iowa: Ltc William Hall
  • 13th Iowa: Cpt George M. Van Hoesen
  • 15th Iowa: Ltc William Dewey
  • 16th Iowa: Ltc Addison H. Sanders

   Capt Andrew Hickenlooper

  • Battery F, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery: Lt C. D. Bliss
  • 1st Battery, Minnesota Light Artillery: Lt William Pfaender
  • 3rd Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt W. S. Williams
  • 5th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Lt L. C. Sawyer
  • 10th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt H. B. White

Reserves (Army of the Tennessee)[]

MG John A. McClernand[13][14]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG John A. McClernand until 2 May
     BG John A. Logan until 4 May
     BG Henry M. Judah until 2 June
     BG Thomas A. Davies

1st Brigade

   BG John A. Logan until 2 May[15]
   Col Michael K. Lawler until 4 May
   BG John A. Logan

  • 8th Illinois: Ltc Frank Rhoads
  • 18th Illinois: Col Michael K. Lawler
  • 30th Illinois: Col Elias Dennis
  • 31st Illinois: Ltc Ozburn
  • 12th Michigan: Col Francis Quinn
2nd Brigade

   BG Leonard F. Ross

  • 11th Illinois: Ltc Thomas E. G. Ransom
  • 20th Illinois: Cpt Orton Frisbie
  • 45th Illinois: Col John Eugene Smith
  • 48th Illinois: Maj Manning Mayfield
3rd Brigade

   Col C. Carroll Marsh until 4 May
   Col Michael K. Lawler

  • 17th Illinois: Maj F. M. Smith
  • 29th Illinois: Col Charles M. Ferrell
  • 43rd Illinois: Col Adolph Englemann
  • 49th Illinois: Maj W. W. Bishop
  • 61st Illinois: Col Jacob Fry
  • 1st Illinois, Battery D: Lt G. S. Wood
  • 2nd Illinois, Battery E: Lt G. L. Nispel
  • 14th Indiana Battery
  • 14th Ohio Battery
  • 4th Illinois Cavalry, 1st Battalion: Ltc William McCullough
  • Carmichael's Company
  • Dollin's Company
  • O'Hartnett's Company
  • Stewart's Company: Cpt Warren Stewart

Third Division
     MG Lewis Wallace

1st Brigade

   Col Morgan L. Smith until 12 May
   BG Alvin P. Hovey

  • 11th Indiana: Col George Francis McGinnis
  • 24th Indiana: Col Alvin P. Hovey
  • 8th Missouri: Ltc James Peckham regiment transferred 15 May
2nd Brigade

   Col John M. Thayer

  • 23rd Indiana: Col William L. Sanderson
  • 1st Nebraska: Ltc R. R. Livingston
  • 20th Ohio: Ltc Manning F. Force
  • 58th Ohio: Ltc Ferdinand F. Rempel
3rd Brigade

   Col Charles R. Woods

  • 56th Ohio: Col Peter Kinney
  • 68th Ohio: Col S. H. Steedman
  • 76th Ohio: Maj Willard Warner
  • 78th Ohio: Col Mortimer D. Leggett
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery A: Lt P. P. Wood
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery F
  • 1st Illinois Artillery, Battery M: Cpt William Cogswell
  • 9th Indiana Battery: Cpt N. S. Thompson
  • 8th Ohio Battery: Lt J. W. Wellshear

   Cpt Otto Funke

  • 11th Illinois, 3rd Battalion

Center (Army of the Ohio)[]

MG Don Carlos Buell[16]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG Alexander M. McCook[17]

4th Brigade

   BG Lovell H. Rousseau

  • 15th U.S. Infantry Battalion: Maj. John H. King
  • 16th U.S. Infantry Battalion
  • 19th U.S. Infantry Battalion
  • 1st Ohio: Col Benjamin F. Smith
  • 6th Indiana: Col Thomas Turpin Crittenden
  • 5th Kentucky: Col Harvey M. Buckley
5th Brigade

   Col Frederick S. Stumbaugh

  • 77th Pennsylvania: Col Frederick Stumbaugh
  • 29th Indiana: Col John F. Miller
  • 30th Indiana: Ltc Joseph B. Dodge
  • 34th Illinois: Ltc Hiram Bristol
6th Brigade

   BG Richard W. Johnson


   Cpt William R. Terrill

  • Kentucky Battery
  • Ohio Battery
  • Pennsylvania Battery
  • 5th U.S. Artillery, Battery H

Fourth Division
     MG William "Bull" Nelson[18]

10th Brigade

   Col Jacob Ammen

19th Brigade

   Col William B. Hazen

  • 27th Kentucky: Col Charles D. Pennebaker
  • 6th Kentucky: Col Walter C. Whitaker
  • 41st Ohio: Ltc George Mygatt
22nd Brigade

   Col Thomas D. Sedgewick[19] until 30 May
   BG Mahlon D. Manson

  • 31st Indiana: Ltc John Osborn
  • 1st Kentucky: Col David Enyart
  • 2nd Kentucky: Ltc Warner Spencer; Col Thomas D. Sedgewick
  • 20th Kentucky: Ltc Charles S. Hanson
  • 4th U.S. Artillery: Capt John Mendenhall[20]

   Ltc Edward M. McCook

  • 2nd Indiana Cavalry: Ltc Edward M. McCook
  • 3rd Indiana Cavalry, one company

Fifth Division
     BG Thomas L. Crittenden[21][22]

11th Brigade

   BG Jeremiah T. Boyle until 27 May
   Col Samuel Beatty[23]

  • 19th Ohio: Col Samuel Beatty
  • 59th Ohio: Col James P. Fyffe
  • 9th Kentucky: Col Benjamin C. Grider
  • 13th Kentucky: Col Edward H. Hobson
14th Brigade

   BG Horatio P. Van Cleve


   Col James S. Jackson[24]

  • 3rd Kentucky Cavalry
  • Battery G, 1st Ohio Light Artillery
  • Battery H, 4th U.S. Artillery
  • Battery M, 4th U.S. Artillery

Sixth Division
     BG Thomas J. Wood[25]

15th Brigade

   BG Milo Hascall

20th Brigade

   BG James A. Garfield

  • 51st Indiana: Col Abel Streight
  • 13th Michigan: Col Michael Shoemaker
  • 64th Ohio: Col John Ferguson
  • 65th Ohio: Col Charles G. Harker
21st Brigade

   Col George D. Wagner

  • 15th Indiana: Col Gustavus A. Wood
  • 57th Indiana: Col Cyrus Hines
  • 24th Kentucky: Col Louis Grisgsby

Left Wing (Army of the Mississippi)[]

MG John Pope[26][27]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cavalry Division
     BG Gordon Granger[28]

1st Brigade

   Col John K. Mizner

  • 3rd Michigan Cavalry: Ltc Robert Horatio George Minty
  • 7th Illinois Cavalry: Col William P. Kellogg
2nd Brigade

   Col Washington Lafayette Elliott until 1 June
   Col Philip H. Sheridan

  • 2nd Iowa Cavalry: Ltc Edward Hatch
  • 2nd Michigan Cavalry: Col Philip H. Sheridan appointed 25 May
  • Powell's Battery

Reporting Directly

Artillery Brigade

   Ltc Warren L. Lothrop

  • 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery I: Capt C.M. Barnett
  • 1st Missouir Light Artillery, Battery M: Capt A.M. Powell
  • Wisconsin Light Artillery, 5th Battery: Capt O.F. Pinney
Unattached Units
  • Missouri Engineers: Col Josiah W. Bissell
  • 1st U.S. Infantry: Capt G.A. Williams
  • 4th U.S. Cavalry: Capt E.W. Crittenden
Reserve Brigade[29]

   Col William P. Carlin

  • 21st Illinois: Ltc George Peck
  • 38th Illinois
  • Hotchkiss’ Battery

Right Wing[]

MG William S. Rosecrans[30] assigned 29 May

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Eleazar Paine[31]

1st Brigade

   BG John M. Palmer

  • 22nd Illinois: Ltc Harrison E. Hart
  • 27th Illinois: Ltc Fazilo Harrington
  • 42nd Illinois: Col George W. Roberts
  • 51st Illinois: Col Gilbert W. Cumming
  • Houghtaling’s Battery
2nd Brigade

   Col James D. Morgan

  • 10th Illinois: Ltc John Tillson
  • 16th Illinois: Col Robert F. Smith
  • 10th Michigan: Col Lum
  • 14th Michigan: Col Sinclair
  • Yates’ Sharpshooters: Ltc Williams
  • 1st Illinois, Battery C
  • 1st Missouri, Battery G

Second Division
     BG David S. Stanley

1st Brigade

   Col John Groesbeck until 1 May
   BG Daniel Tyler

2nd Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Plummer until 29 May
   Col John Groesbeck until 7 June
   Col John M. Loomis[32]

  • 26th Illinois: Col John M. Loomis
  • 47th Illinois: Col William Thrush
  • 5th Minnesota: Col Borgersode (joined 10–24 May 1862)
  • 11th Missouri: Col Joseph A. Mower
  • 8th Wisconsin: Col Robert C. Murphy
  • 2nd Iowa Battery
  • 1st Michigan, Battery C
  • 2nd U.S. Artillery, Battery F

Left Wing[]

BG Schuyler Hamilton[33] assigned 29 May

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

3rd Division
     BG Schuyler Hamilton until 29 May
     BG Joseph B. Plummer

1st Brigade

   BG Napoleon B. Buford

2nd Brigade

   Col Nicholas Perczel

  • 56th Illinois: Ltc W.R. Brown
  • 10th Iowa: Ltc W.E. Small
  • 10th Missouri: Col Samuel Holmes
  • 26th Missouri: Col George Boomer
  • 80th Ohio: Col E.R. Eckley
  • 11th Ohio Battery: Cap Frank C. Sands
  • Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery
  • Buell’s Battery Missouri Light Artillery
  • 6th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery
  • 12th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery
  • 2nd Battery, Iowa Light Artillery

Fourth Division
     BG Jefferson C. Davis[34]

1st Brigade

   BG Robert B. Mitchell

  • 22nd Indiana: Col Thomas Pattison
  • 59th Illinois: Col Philip Sidney Post
Asboth's Brigade

   BG Alexander Asboth

  • 2nd Missouri: Col Frederick Schaefer
  • 15th Missouri: Col Francis Joliat
  • 36th Missouri:
  • 44th Illinois: Col Charles Knoblesdorf


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