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Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo
Part of Peninsular War
Castle of Enrique II, Ciudad Rodrigo
Date26 April - 9 July 1810
LocationCiudad Rodrigo, Spain
Result French victory
France French Empire  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Marshal Michel Ney Field Marshal Don Andrés Perez de Herrasti
42,000, 60 cannons 5,500, 118 cannons
Casualties and losses
180 killed, over 1,000 wounded 461 killed, 994 wounded, 4,000 captured

In the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, the French Marshal Michel Ney took the fortified city from Field Marshal Don Andrés Perez de Herrasti[1] on 9 July 1810 after a siege that began on 26 April. Ney's VI Corps made up part of a 65,000-strong army commanded by André Masséna, who was bent on a third French invasion of Portugal.


Ney's VI Corps included Jean Marchand's 1st Division (6,500), Julien Mermet's 2nd Division (7,400), Louis Loison's 3rd Division (6,600), Auguste Lamotte's corps light cavalry brigade (900), Charles Gardanne's mounted dragoon brigade (1,300) and 60 cannon.

Herrasti commanded 3 regular battalions from the Avila, Segovia and 1st Majorca Infantry Regiments, 375 artillerymen and 60 sappers. These troops were supplemented by 3 battalions of the Volunteers of Ciudad Rodrigo and 1 battalion of the Urban Guard.


Herrasti's 5,500-man Spanish garrison put up a gallant defense, surrendering only after Ney's artillery opened a breach in the walls and the French infantry were poised for an assault. The Spanish suffered 461 killed and 994 wounded, while 4,000 men and 118 cannon were captured. Ney's VI Corps lost 180 killed and over 1,000 wounded during the siege. The French soldiery then pillaged the city. The siege delayed Masséna's invasion of Portugal by over a month.

The next actions were the Siege of Almeida and the Battle of the Côa. A second Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo occurred in January 1812.


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