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Siege of Belgrade (currently part of Serbia)
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe and Ottoman-Hungarian Wars
Fortress Belgrade.jpg
Date25 June - 29 August 1521
LocationNándorfehérvár, Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Belgrade, Serbia)
Result Decisive Ottoman victory
Coat of Arms of Hungary.svg Kingdom of Hungary Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1844).svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mihály Móré
Balázs Oláh
Semailname 47b.jpg
Suleiman I

The Siege of Belgrade occurred from July-29 August 1521. Sultan Suleiman I laid siege to the Hungarian fortress of Belgrade. The walls were undermined by mining and seven days of heavy bombardment. Thereafter the city was assaulted and conquered without great difficulty and with little loss of soldiers.[1] Belgrade became an important military base for further operations in Europe and the seat of the Pashalik of Belgrade.[2] During Ottoman rule Belgrade became one of Europe's largest cities.[3] The conquest eventually led to the Battle of Mohács and to the conquest of the Kingdom of Hungary by the Ottomans. Various places in Istanbul were named after Belgrade with the conquest, such as Belgrad Kapısı[citation needed] (Belgrade Gate) and Belgrad Ormanı (Belgrade Forest).


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