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Siege of Barcelona
Part of War of the Spanish Succession
Alliberament de Barcelona 1706.jpg
Siege of Barcelona (1706)
LocationBarcelona, Spain
Result Grand Alliance victory.
 Kingdom of England
 Dutch Republic
Spain Pro-Habsburg Spain
 Kingdom of France
Spain Pro-Bourbon Spain
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of England Lord Peterborough
Kingdom of England James Stanhope
Spain Phillip V
Kingdom of France René de Froulay de Tessé

The Siege of Barcelona took place between 3 and 27 April 1706 during the War of the Spanish Succession when a Franco- Spanish army led by Phillip V laid siege to Barcelona in an attempt to recapture it following its fall to an English-led Allied army the previous year.

The siege was abandoned, following the appearance of a large English fleet under the command of John Leake carrying reinforcements. The Franco-Spanish army was forced to abandon its supplies and artillery in its hasty retreat. Phillip was cut off from returning to Madrid, and so he crossed into France. Barcelona remained in Allied hands until 1714.

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