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Siege of Barcelona (1651)
Part of Catalan Revolt
Setge de Barcelona de 1652.jpg
Siege of Barcelona
DateJuly 1651 - October 1652
Result Spanish victory.
 Kingdom of France
 Catalan rebels
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of France Philippe de La Mothe
Kingdom of France Jean de Marsin
Spain John of Austria

The Siege of Barcelona took place between July 1651 and October 1652 during the Catalan Revolt when a large Spanish army descended on Barcelona and besieged the garrison made up of Catalans and French troops under Philippe de La Mothe-Houdancourt.

The fifteen month siege eventually ended with a Spanish victory, and the effective defeat of the Catalan Revolt which had lasted since 1640. Although French troops remained in parts of Catalonia for another seven years, no serious fighting took place, and in 1659 the Treaty of the Pyrenees was signed bringing a formal end to the conflict.

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