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Siege of Aintab
Part of the Franco-Turkish War
A French army officer with five Turkish prisoners. On the officer's right is a soldier of the French Colonial Forces, and on his left (wearing epaulettes) is an auxiliary from the French Armenian Legion.
Date1 April 1920 - 8 February 1921[1]
LocationAintab, Ottoman Empire
Result French victory[2]
Kuvva-i Milliye

France France

Armenia French Armenian Legion
Commanders and leaders
Ali Kılıç
Şahin Bey
Şefik "Özdemir" Bey
France Henri Gouraud
France General Quérette
Total force:[3][4] [Note 1]
2.920 militia fighters,
6 machine guns,[5]
3 mountain guns[5]
Total force:[3][4][Note 2]
20,000 French soldiers,[6]
1,500 Armenian soldiers,
4 tanks, 11 artillery batteries, 1,400 military animals,[5] 6 aircraft, 1 mobile hospital[5]
Casualties and losses
6,317 killed (mostly civilians)[7] on September 10th: 4 officers and 50 soldiers killed[5]

The siege of Aintab[8][9] or siege of Antep (Turkish: Antep Savunması = Defence of Antep) was a military engagement between the Turkish National Forces and the French Colonial Forces, that occupied the city of Aintab (present day: Gaziantep).

Fighting began in April 1920, when French forces opened fire on city. Fighting continued until February 1921.


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  1. 2.070 armed and 850 unarmed fighters (=2.920)
  2. In April 1920 the French forces consisted of 4,500 soldiers. With the arrival of 15,000 men in November 1920 the French siege force increased to: 13 infantry battalions and 1 cavalry regiment (=20,000 soldiers)

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