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Junnar, Pune District, Maharashtra
Coordinates Latitude: 19.1990
Longitude: 73.8595
India Government of India
Open to
the public
Controlled by Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire (till 1637)</ref>[1]
Flag of the Mughal Empire.svg Mughal Empire (1637-1716)</ref>[2]
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire (1716-1820)
British Raj Red Ensign.svg British Raj (1820-1947)
India Government of India (1947-)

Shivneri Fort (शिवनेरी किल्ला) is a historic military fortification located near Junnar. It is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founder of Maratha Empire.[1] Shahaji, Chatrapati Shivaji's father, was a general in the army of the Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur. He was concerned for the safety of his wife Jijabai during her pregnancy as there was constant warfare going on. He therefore moved his family to Shivneri fort. Shivneri is a highly defensible location, with steep rocks on four sides and a strongly built citadel. Chhatrapati Shivaji was born at the fort on 19 February 1630, and spent his childhood there.he got his name SHIVBA here. Inside the fort is a small temple dedicated to the goddess Shivai Devi, after whom Shivaji was named. There are statues of Jijabai and young Shivaji. At the centre of the fort is a water pond which is called 'Badami Talav'. To the South of 'Badami Talav' are the statues Jijabai and a young Shivaji. In the fort there are two water springs, called Ganges and Yamuna, which have water throughout the year. Two kilometers away from this fort there are the Lenyadri caves which is one of Ashtavinayak temple in Maharastra. It has been declared as a protected monument.[2]

There are many gates structures protecting this fort. Mana daravaja ( Gate ) is one of the many gates on shivneri fort


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