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A ship's company comprises all officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel aboard a naval vessel. The size of the ship's company (the complement) is the number of people on board, excluding civilians and guests.

Command structure

The ship's company is usually divided into various companies, which are from there divided into divisions. In overall command of the ship's company is the Commanding Officer, who is represented by the Coxswain. The Coxswain is the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer serving on the ship. Each company has around four divisions of 20 people, with a company gunner in charge of the company. In charge of each division is a divisional petty officer, with various enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers fallen into the division.

There are also various structures, or branches, to the ship's company. The executive branch includes the commanding and executive officers, and the other branches vary from ship to ship, service to service.

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