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Colonel Shaukat Ali Malik was an officer of the Indian National Army notable for having led a unit of the Bahadur Group in the capture of Moirang during the initial phases of the INA's Imphal Campaign during World War II. Moirang was the first territory within India to be captured by the INA and also the first place within the mainland of India to be held by the Azad Hind Government.Col.S.A.Malik Commander of the Intelligent(Bahadur) Group of INA, planted Indian Tri-colour Flag (with springimg Tiger)at the sacred place of Moirang kangla on the 14th April,1944 at about 5 pm and also he narrated the history of Azad Hind Fauz . Malik was awarded the Sardar-e-Jung for his leading his troops into Moirang. Prior to joining the INA, Shaukat Malik fought in the Burma theatre as an officer in the Bahawalpur State Forces.

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