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Shanni Nationalities Army
ရှမ်းနီ အမျိုးသားများ တပ်မတော်
Participant in the Internal conflict in Myanmar
File:Emblem of the Shanni Nationalities Army.png
Emblem of the Shanni Nationalities Army
Active January 2016 (2016-01) – present
Ideology Shanni (Red Shan) nationalism
Area of
Kachin State
Strength 300[citation needed]

State allies

Non-state allies

Opponents Kachin Independence Army
Battles/wars Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Shanni Nationalities Army (Burmese language: ရှမ်းနီ အမျိုးသားများ တပ်မတော်; abbreviated SNA) is a Shanni insurgent group active in Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma). It was founded in January 2016 by expelled Shanni members of the Kachin Independence Army.[1][2]


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