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Sergei Kuzmich Bunyachenko (Russian: Серге́й Кузьмич Буняченко; Ukrainian language: Сергій Кузьмич Буняченко ), October 5, 1902, Korovyakovka, Kursk Oblast – August 2, 1946, Moscow) was a Soviet Red Army defector to the German side during World War II and a Major General in the anti-communist Russian Liberation Army (ROA) movement. He was Ukrainian.[citation needed]

Red Army soldier since 1918 (at the age of 15), Bunyachenko fought during the Russian Civil War in Ukraine, the Basmachi Revolt in Central Asia, and the Soviet-Japanese Border Wars in the Far East. In 1942, during World War II, he was captured in North Caucasus by Romanians. He had the rank of Soviet Colonel (Polkovnik) and also a pending sentence of 10 years in labor camp after the war.

In 1943 Bunyachenko agreed to collaborate with the Germans against the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin, but in May 1945, at the end of the war, he again changed sides and participated in the Prague uprising on the side of Czech resistance. After the Americans turned him to the Soviets, he was hanged for treason along with the other ROA leaders.

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