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Sergeant Major of the Army
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Henning Bæk.jpg
Sergeant Major Henning Bæk

since 1 December 2014
Royal Danish Army NCO corps
Reports to Chief of the Army Staff
Formation 31 October 2014 (2014-10-31)
First holder Henning Bæk
Salary 30,174.64 kr.[note 1]
Website Official Facebook

The Sergeant Major of the Army (Danish language: Hærchefsergenten ) is the most senior member of the other ranks of the Danish Army. The appointment holder has the rank of Chefsergeant (English: Sergeant Major). The post was created as part of the changes to the Danish Army in Autumn 2014, and is inspired by the American equivalent.[2] The holder is appointed to serve as adviser for the Army Staff and as well as a representative for all army NCOs.[3] The holder will further more be conveying his own and army leadership messages, and attitudes to army personal.[2] In 2016, the Royal Danish Air Force created the Chief Master Sergeant of the Royal Danish Air Force.[4]

The first holder is Henning Bæk, who was appointed in October 2014.[5] Bæk has expressed, that he will also be focusing on the uniform and grooming standards,[6] and intendeds to stay at the post between four and six years.[5]


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On 13 December 2016, a new insignia was introduced for the Sergeant Major of the Army, who had formerly used the standard Sergeant Major insignia. The new insignia had been created with the help of the Danish National Archives' Heraldry consultant.[7]

List of Sergeant Major of the Army

# Photo SMA Tenure Time in office
1. Henning Bæk.jpg Henning Bæk 1 December 2014 – Present 70007000000000000007 years, 7002178000000000000178 days


  1. Estimate based on Sergeant Major salary.[1]


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