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Sergeant (kersantti in Finnish) is a Swedish and Finnish military rank above korpral in Sweden and alikersantti in Finland; and below förste sergeant in Sweden and Ylikersantti in Finland.

Sergeant is a rank given to contracted personnel. Holders of the rank generally serve as squad leaders or deputy squad leaders (6-8 men).
contracted NCOs usually start from sergeant, in infantry platoons sergeants may serve as squad leaders (6-8 men), deputy platoon commanders (~30 men) or rarely even a platoon commanders, or at company level as Company Sergeant Majors.

Obtaining the rank in Finland

In the Finnish army, conscripts are first trained for 2 months in basic training and about 30% are selected for junior NCO training (aliupseerikoulu or AUK), which lasts 4 months. Upon completion, they are promoted to alikersantti and posted to companies for 6 months as squad leaders. Usually, the best-performing alikersantti in a platoon is promoted to kersantti a few weeks before discharge, and in meantime acts as a deputy platoon commander as well as a squad leader.

Like any other rank up to Major/Lieutenant Commander, the rank of sergeant can be achieved in reserve if certain requirements are met.

History and related ranks


The introduction of the rank

Sweden: Reform 1972

Holders of the rank Överfurir were elevated to Sergeants. Holders of the rank Sergeant were elevated to

  • Kapten with more than 7 years of service
  • Löjtnant with 3–7 years of service
  • Fänrik with less than 3 years of service

Sweden: 2009

As of the 1st of January, the rank Furir was renamed Sergeant.

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