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Serbian General Staff
Генералштаб Војске Србије /
Generalštab Vojske Srbije
Generalštab VS.gif
Serbian General Staff emblem
Active 1876–present
(current form since 2006)
Country  Serbia
Allegiance Grb 1.svg Armed Forces
Branch Active duty
Type Staff
Part of Ministry of Defence
Garrison/HQ Belgrade
Current Chief of General Staff General Ljubiša Diković
Ceremonial chief General František Zach

The Serbian General Staff (Serbian language: Генералштаб Војске Србије / Generalštab Vojske Srbije) is the highest authority within the Serbian Armed Forces. It is composed of five seniors ranking officers who make strategic and tactical preparations and procedures for use during peace time and war.

  • Develops the command structure
  • Establishes a plan of recruitment and schedule for recruits
  • Regulates training of the military
  • Establishes plans for education and training
  • Performing other tasks determined by Military law.

Current members of the General Staff

Position Photo Name Rank Service
Chief of the General Staff Ljubiša Diković.jpg Ljubiša Diković General Army
Deputy Chief of the General Staff Jovica Draganić.jpg Jovica Draganić Lt. General Air Force
Army Commander No image.png Milosav Simović Lt. General Army
Air Force and Air Defence Commander No image.png Ranko Živak Maj. General Air Force
Training Commander No image.png Đokica Petrović Lt. General Army


Departments of the Serbian General Staff:[1]

  • Chief of the General Staff
      • Office of Chief of the General Staff
      • Deputy Chief of the General Staff
        • Joint Operations Command
        • PPBE Section
        • Sergeant Major of General Staff
      • Sergeant Major of Serbian Armed Forces
      • J-1 Human Resources Department
      • Intelligence and Reconnaissance Directorate
      • J-3 Department for Operations
      • J-4 Logistics Department
      • J-5 Department for Planning and Development
      • J-6 Department for Telecommunications and IT
      • J-7 Department for Training and Doctrine
      • J-8 Section for Finances
      • J-9 Section for CIMIC
      • Military Police Department


Units serving directly under the General Staff:[1]


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