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Serbian Army
Kov vs.gif
Active 1838-1918
Country Serbia
Branch Army
Size 33,000
Part of Serbian Armed Forces
Command Niš
Anniversaries November 16
Commander Lieutenant general Aleksandar Živković

The Serbian Army (Serbian language: Копнена Војска / Kopnena Vojska) is the land-based component of the Serbian Armed Forces, which is responsible for deterring armed threats; defending Serbia's territory; participation in peacekeeping operations; and providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. There are plans to increase the Serbian army's involvement in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations abroad, which would improve its reputation.[1][2] Active from 1838 to 1918 after which Serbia would be part of a Yugoslav state. The current Serbian army has been active since 2006 when Serbia restored its independence.

Current status

The Serbian army (land forces) is the largest component of the Serbian Armed Forces. Currently there are about 33,000 active members and 100,000 reservists who were incorporated from the old conscript branches. After the reorganization, the number of professional troops has grown, while the number of conscripts has decreased. Conscription was abolished on January 1, 2011.

A 35-hectare (86-acre) Cepotina military base, has been built near the administrative frontier with the disputed territory of Kosovo[a] and the state border with the Republic of Macedonia, some 5 kilometers southeast of the Serbian city of Bujanovac. The ground security zone extends along 384 kilometers of the administration line and covers the area of total 1,920 square kilometers. Units of the Second, Third and Fourth Brigades are placed at more than 20 camps and checkpoints in the zone.[3]


The Serbian Army consist of units of brigades to battalions in size. The four army brigades are larger than a conventional modern brigade, their size is more akin to a division. Each brigade consists of ten battalions: one command battalion, an armored battalion, two mechanized battalions, two infantry battalions, one self-propelled artillery battalion, air defense battalion, one logistic and one engineering battalion. The only exception being the 1st brigade, which has only one infantry battalion. The current army chief of staff is Major General Milan Mojsilović.

Formations include:

Structure of the Serbian Army

Serbian Army is located in Serbia
1st Brigade
2nd Brigade
3rd Brigade
250th Air Defence Brigade
4th Brigade
Special Brigade
Kraljevo-Lađevci Airport
Serbian military units and bases
Source: Jane's World Armies Issue 23 - 2008
  • Army Command (Niš)
    • 3VP.gif3rd Military Police Battalion (Niš)
    • 5VP.gif5th Military Police Battalion (Belgrade)
    • ABHO.png246th NBC Battalion (Kruševac)
    • 21. Bataljon veze.png 21st Signal Battalion (Niš)

Serbian Army uniform M10

  • 1 Brigada KOV.png1st Brigade (Novi Sad)
    • 10th Command Battalion
    • 11th Infantry Battalion
    • 12th Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion
    • 13th Self-Propelled Missile Launcher Artillery Battalion
    • 14th Air Defense Artillery Battalion
    • 15th Tank battalion
    • 16th Mechanized Battalion
    • 17th Mechanized Battalion
    • 18th Engineer Battalion
    • 19th Logistic Battalion
  • 2 Brigada KOV.png2nd Brigade (Kraljevo)
    • 20th Command Battalion
    • 21st Infantry Battalion
    • 22nd Infantry Battalion
    • 23rd Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion
    • 24th Self-Propelled Missile Launcher Artillery Battalion
    • 25th Air Defense Artillery Battalion
    • 26th Tank Battalion
    • 27th Mechanized Battalion
    • 28th Mechanized Battalion
    • 29th Logistic Battalion
    • 210th Engineer Battalion
  • 3 Brigada KOV.png3rd Brigade (Niš)
    • 30th Command Battalion
    • 31st Infantry Battalion
    • 32nd Infantry Battalion
    • 33rd Self-Propelled Howitzer Artillery Battalion
    • 34th Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion
    • 35th Air Defense Artillery Battalion
    • 36th Tank Battalion
    • 37th Mechanized Battalion
    • 38th Mechanized Battalion
    • 39th Logistic Battalion
    • 310th Engineer Battalion
  • 4 Brigada KOV.png4th Brigade (Vranje)
    • 40th Command Battalion
    • 41st Infantry Battalion
    • 42nd Infantry Battalion
    • 43rd Self-Propelled Howitzer Artillery Battalion
    • 44th Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher Battalion
    • 45th Air Defense Artillery Rocket Battalion
    • 46th Tank Battalion
    • 47th Mechanized Battalion
    • 48th Mechanized Battalion
    • 49th Logistic Battalion
    • 410th Engineer Battalion
  • Mešovita artiljeriska Brigada.pngMixed Artillery Brigade (Niš)
    • Command Battalion
    • Mixed Missile Artillery Battalion
    • 1st Howitzer-Cannon Artillery Battalion
    • 2nd Howitzer-Cannon Artillery Battalion
    • 3rd Cannon Artillery Battalion
    • 4th Cannon Artillery Battalion
    • 69th Logistics Battalion
  • RFVSAmblem.pngRiver Flotilla (Novi Sad)
    • Command Company
    • 1st River Detachment
    • 2nd River Detachment
    • 1st Pontoon Battalion
    • 2nd Pontoon Battalion
    • Logistic Company


M-84 main battle tank




Nora 152mm howitzer



Small arms

Zastava M93


a.   ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo. The latter declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence has been recognised by 108 out of 193 United Nations member states.


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