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The Senshi Sōsho (戦史叢書?), also called the Kōkan Senshi (公刊戦史?), is a military history of Imperial Japan's involvement in the Pacific War from 1937 to 1945. The history was compiled and is currently kept by the War History Office of Japan's Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, Japan. The publisher was Asagumo Shimbunsha.[1]

The history, comprising 102 volumes, was compiled during the 1960s and 70s from Imperial Japanese Army, Imperial Japanese Navy, other Japanese government records, and personal diaries and records which survived Japan's defeat in the war. Many of the records were initially confiscated by Allied governments, mainly the United States, but were returned to Japan in 1958.[2]

The work provides information and details on Japanese organization and operations in the Pacific campaign. Only a few of the volumes, however, have been translated into English, making it difficult for Western historians who do not read Japanese to make use of the information in western studies of the Pacific War.


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